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World's Best Pizza Is In Australia

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Di Francesco, who goes by the nickname Mr Pizza, explains that the doughy base must never be lifted off the counter by hand, as it attracts flour to the bottom. Flour burns in the oven.

Flour is a consuming passion for Di Francesco. He sources it from a long-established mill near Padua. His custom is appreciated, and the flour company has put Di Francesco’s drawn face on its packaging, which stares at us as we eat.

The tomatoes are imported from Italy too, although the basil is grown locally. Great care is also taken over the buffalo mozzarella and olive oil.

“I used to run a takeaway business, but I felt I was wasting away there,” Di Francesco said. “I wanted to create something special.”

He picks up a paper receipt and holds it rigid. “People think a pizza should be like this. A slice that’s completely flat. My answer to that is, are we eating a pizza here, or a biscuit?”

So what does the best pizza in the world taste like? In a word, splendid. It is a worthy winner in a competition that attracted 600 entrants from 35 countries.

It does sound good, but... Can't he open a restaurant in America please??

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