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Gun deaths in Florida chart: Number of murders committed using firearms since 2005 Stand Your Ground law...

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Above: "OK, here are the stats. Make a graph so it looks like gun deaths have fallen since 2005."


gun deaths in Florida chart meme Imgur.

Sneaky statistics ;)

Giant information holes.  Best to read the Reddit and explore the FL govt link.

From Reddit:

Also "gun deaths" does not equal "murders."

Also, correlation does not equal causation.

The massive economic upheaval that started in 2005 with the collapse of the housing sector could just as easily be the cause of higher numbers of murders and in fact probably was the cause, if in fact, murders rose, which they haven't.

The data do not take into account the population increase in Florida for the years covered. More population = more murders.

The murder rate in Florida, per 1,000 people, hasn't changed all that much over the years. From 2005-2012, it's been about 19 per year, despite all factors. Source: Florida Department of Law Enforcement. See you don't have to take my word for it, because I link you directly to the data, unlike Reuters, which is trying to grind a Democrat political ax here and relies on the fact that you're not smart enough to fucking Google the actual data yourself. They know you'll just take their bullshit word for it.

The original source updated their story and added a new version of the graph that has its Y-axis flipped.

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