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Tommen should check Jaime Lannister's scorecard.

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To be fair, one died while hunting, one was a crazy psychopath who needed to die, and the third one was Aerys II Targaryen...

One was his son ...

Grieving mother rape scene -

Cersei:  No! It's wrong!

Jaime:  I don't care!  I don't care!

Wild speculation #213:  Who do you think paid Littlefinger to set up Sansa? The necklace in the boat condemns her.

Tyrion:  The only person who couldn't have killed Joffrey is Cersei.  

Tyrion didn't exclude Jaime.

Good theory.

I figured it was Olenna Tyrell with that "you dodged a bullet" talk with Margaery.

But Jaime is certainly possible.

Wait, what?  A BULLET?  Were bullets even a thing yet?

Haha, concept for a new show: a Game of Thrones with guns!

It was more a "you're better off without him" talk with Margaery.

Yeah, but holy anachronism!  How did *nobody* catch this before airing?!

I think bullet was my word not hers. :)

Holy embarrassment.  :/

Now I've wasted outrage.  Dammit.  I have so little to spare.

I suppose we could direct that outrage at Jaime's incest rape in front of his dead son.

That goes up there as one of the most cringeworthy scenes of the entire series.

Right?!  Which reminds me that Jaime Lannister is capable of anything and everything. </outrage>


But just because Jaime is a bad guy does not necessarily make him a BAD guy.

Jaime Lannister meme Wreck It Ralph Imgur you are bad guy but this does not mean you are BAD guy Game of Thrones 4x03

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