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Why Your Favorite Shows Keep Breaking the Internet

one does not simply wait until tomorrow to watch Game of a Thrones next episode meme funny boromir Imgur


With customer expectations at an all-time high, streaming services are rising to meet those expectations, upgrading their cloud and dedicated infrastructure to include higher performance servers. And although customers are seeing major performance gains, that’s just one piece of the performance puzzle.

The truth is, even if HBO Go had done everything right on its end for the premiere of “Game of Thrones,” online fans would have still suffered an outage if the bottleneck occurred upstream, somewhere on the ISP’s core network.

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HBO GO is truly dreadful on Sundays. They need a better solution.

I literally just wait (surprising self-control, I know).  I haven't even started S4 until I'm done rewatching S3.  It's hard, but the experience would be that much smoother offpeak.  [shrug]

also, nice use of One Does Not Simply!

How do you keep the Internet from spoiling everything?

Or are you basically okay with spoilers.

And yes One Does Not Simply is doubly good for Game of Thrones because Sean Bean.

Because I don't go anywhere where it will be spoiled, namely entertainment sites and anything having to do with pop culture.  Also, whatever it does spoil, I don't care about?  So it's never spoiled?  

Except today I heard something about a foursome and that spoiled a little.

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