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The Great Discontent: Jon Burgerman

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“There’s too much I want to say and do and see and feel and experiment with. There’s a real joy in not knowing what the hell you’re doing; there’s a joy in amateurism.” ***

“There’s no substitute for the enthusiasm and joy of making the things you want to make…if you follow the thing you really want to do and work hard at it, you’ll find your place in that world, and maybe work will come to you. You’re more likely to get on when your heart is into it—there’s no other way to make creative work.”

“Sometimes when I leave the studio and there is a shitload of work to do, I feel anxious. But you know what? That email will wait until tomorrow morning because, one, I want to live more and, two, it’s important to feed that inspiration, to get away from the screen and see and do stuff.”

Kule kule—lost characters in a landscape that tastes of the internet; Posca pen painting on woodKule kule—lost characters in a landscape that tastes of the Internet; Posca pen painting on wood, 2014“…just do it—I mean, just doodle it. There are always obstacles and people look for excuses. When you’re young, you have nothing to lose; you’re supposed to be scraping by…Things will be much harder when you’re in your mid–30s and have responsibilities, cynicism, and a dodgy knee.”

“…people are the conduit to everything. Nothing happens without people. No matter who you are, you need other people. You need to go talk to others, chat with them, laugh with them, have a drink with them. You need to be out there, meeting people, even more so now that our default is digital interaction.”

"Nothing happens without people." <--- SO MUCH THIS, Eric!

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