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Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility to support Institute for Molecular Engineering projects

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My alma mater, the University of Chicago, is notorious for being not-so-cutting-edge, so I'm psyched that they are pouring donor dollars into nanotechnology now!

I have a difficult time understanding where the world is with nanotechnology.

Are most experiments now just figuring things out, or are there practical developments now working?

All of this was made possible with $25 million in gifts:

The Pritzker Nanofabrication Facility will house a suite of tools that can fabricate complex, integrated electronic, mechanical and fluidic structures. Work at the facility is expected to bridge the gap between academia and industry, leading to the creation of new nanotechnology applications. The scale of these applications can be as small as a few atoms.

One example of such an application would be a tiny, ultra-low power device that combines computation, communication and storage capabilities. To do that, scientists will go beyond conventional electronics that move charges in electrical circuits to multifunctional quantum devices that manipulate the spins of electrons.

Another potential application of nanofabrication would be a device that can detect and count virus particles in blood.

Imagine how much more a company like Google -- which can throw BILLIONS of dollars at nanotechnology research -- can accomplish.

This feels like another area where Google is poised to dominate in the future.

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