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Noam Wasserman's Founders Dilemmas

Noam Wasserman s Founders Dilemmas

Source: Noam Wasserman

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Your Founders stash seemed to be missing this one key cache of background that I've found helpful. In his book Founders Dilemmas, HBS professor Noam Wasserman comes up with some very interesting conclusions about founding teams in particular. He's a total quant guy and has backed up his conclusions with a decade of research and data based on nearly 1000 surveys of founders.

Don't miss the self assessment survey or the blog. Really interesting.

Personally, I think most founders with the serious itch to start a company will throw caution to the winds and just do it. (The book might later help you justify your madness.) But, if you're taking the time to think about it, here's a good place to start.

Thank you Barbara! This is now in both my Founders stash and my 106 Miles stash.

And yes, the decision to found is an emotional one not a logical one. :)

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