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After Splashy Introduction, Airtime Seems to Deflate -

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AppData, a third-party service that collects data about sites and services that connect with Facebook, shows that Airtime has around 20,000 daily active users and 110,000 monthly active users. It appears that the service may have piqued the interest of Web users after its release. In early July, the site had around 200,000 daily active users, but that number has gradually tapered off since then.


LOL. 100,000 users? Bad product? I'm beginning to think both media and VCs are irrational.

PS I think airtime, like FaceTime, will do much better when it's available on mobile: android and iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. There are millions who might use this -- myself included -- during that 5-15 minute ennui.

I'm surprised it wasn't mobile-first, too.

The main issue isn't that they're at 20k daily actives; it's that that number is down 90% in a month, which suggests that it does not have product-market fit.

Or that they had an unusually high "techrunch" spike as loads of new users tried it out.

I'm on my iPad. I can't try it out right now. Hopefully I can soon.

Me too. Me too!

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