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8 Networking Conversation Starters That Work (Every Time) | The Muse

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These are good! Have a favorite?

I use this often:  

3. “How long have you been a member of this organization?”

Sometimes less really is more, says Kathleen Brady, a career coach and the author of Get a Job! 10 Steps to Career Success. This simple, open-ended question can work wonders to engage that shy someone who, by virtue of being at the same networking event, is there to meet people just like you. But try not to fire off too many questions at once—you don’t want your conversation to suddenly feel like an interrogation.

I usually get more than I bargained for.

Most successful query (not on list):  "How's business?"

Yeah, asking about history/relationship to the org/event participants is always a great starter in any conversation.

- Also, "so what do you think about this event/events like this?" 

- Questions that allow them to express their opinion of value of something related

- something that engages quirk/humor/snark (but not too dark/sarcastic/shrewd!)

- "What're you gonna get into now?" 

I like those. 

And Geege, I like "how's business?" and "what's new?" too. 

But my fave is "What do you love about what you do?" It's more specific than "What do you do?"

5. “What do you love about your job?”

This is another simple one-liner—but it’s one of Williams’ favorites. “Whenever someone gets the opportunity to talk about themselves, they not only love it,” she says, “but they also feel closer to you by virtue of your hearing their story.” Bottom line: “The more they’re encouraged to talk about themselves,” she adds, “the more likely they’ll walk away going, ‘I really like that person!’”

Isn't the saying: A person feels closer to you based on how much you know about them.

Addendum: how much they know you know about them

The latter statement is particularly true, Waylan.