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Faced ruthlessly capitalist reality of pro golf, Andrew Parr tries ‘something completely different’ in search of sponsors

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I've been on a Moyers x Krugman, Angels & Demons kick lately so this is all in line...  Good for him.

"Unlike team sports, where minor leaguers at least have a steady paycheque and a franchise that covers expenses like travel and meals, golf is ruthlessly capitalist. You make what you earn, but it takes money to try to earn it.

“You need about $75,000 for a season,” says Parr, speaking over the phone from San Francisco. Plane tickets, car rentals, hotels, food: all of it the golfer has to pay out of pocket, and with no promise of money earned at the end of the week. For that, the player has to make the cut. “It can cost 25 grand just to get a caddy to sign on for a year,” Parr says. “And if you miss the cut, you probably just spent two or three grand for that week with nothing coming back. So, yeah, it does take a lot of money.”

“After looking at all the options of what guys have done, I thought ‘Let’s just try something completely different.’”

That something is crowdfunding.

“I’ve kind of been-there-and-done-that will all those other avenues,” Parr says, “and I wanted to change up the mentality of how I looked at golf sponsorship.”

Chris McGrath/Getty ImagesChris McGrath/Getty Images“Most guys are paying back 80 to 90% of any cheque they get in the first few years,” says Andrew Parr.

His fundraising campaign, which has so far generated almost $42,000 and ends on April 25, is neither a straight donation nor an investment. Smaller donors receive hats and shirts, but instruction packages and special one-day events are available.

Seems like a clever use of Indiegogo, actually.

Wow, is the economy eventually getting to the point where EVERYONE needs to crowdfund?

for the REST of us?  yes...

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