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The #FCC is proposing rules to end #netneutrality #internet

"The FCC is proposing rules to end net neutrality - the Internet needs to stop this from happening"  message from Fight for the Future

This is going to effect us all in North America this includes Canada. It is very much like the cable network, the telecoms are wanting to make money and in Canada we will be effected when it comes to watching content on our mobile devices. 

Stand up and speak up for your digital rights. I have been speak out for my end point protection, safety and privacy rights for a long time and the rights for innocent users.


Brazilian president signs groundbreaking law ensuring net neutrality and privacy.

Brazil's President Dilma Rousseff praised the US's decision to ease control over the internet and called for a more transparent network following the NSA spying scandal.

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FCC to lay out new 'Net Neutrality' rules Thursday, says report.

A new proposal from the commission could allow companies to pay Internet service providers for faster access to consumers, according to The Wall Street Journal.

how is this different than Netflix and Comcast deal? is it?

  "This standard allows ISPs to impose a new price of entry for innovation on the Internet "   I would imagine similar to what Netfilix did with Comcast this would also apply to the mobile usage

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