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DataStickies buy cost price unknown; they are a concept data storage devices whose design resembles a futuristic looking post-it-note.

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dataSTICKIES are concept data storage devices whose design resembles a futuristic looking post-it-note. The technology behind this graphene-based flash drive is aimed at making USB technology obsolete. Graphene is a new, revolutionary material: even a paper-thin sheet of it has an enormous storage capacity.


The problem that this lightweight and highly sophisticated adhesive tack is out to solve is the relative inconvenience experienced by users of USB drives. The architects of this invention—Aditi Singh and Parag Anand, winners of the Red Dot Design Concept Awards 2014—make the case that inserting USBs into slots is a process which demands too much precision.


In cases where slots are located at the back of devices, plugging in your USB becomes that much more difficult.


dataSTICKIES are envisioned to radically simplify this process: instead of plugging them in, you will be able to peel the stickies off their stack and adhere them anywhere on the proposed ODTS (Optical Data Transfer Surface)—a conceptual panel enabling the transfer of data between these state-of-the-art adhesives and everyday devices like computers, televisions, and music systems.


Still a design concept not currently available to buy:

Researchers at Rice University  several years ago demonstrated Graphene Memory made from a layer of graphite only 10 atoms thick. The technology could potentially provide many times the capacity of current flash memory while withstanding temperatures of 200 degrees Celsius and radiation that would make NAND flash solid-state disk memory disintegrate.

Graphene memory not only has the potential to offer higher capacity in smaller form factors, but greater performance than today's industry standard floating-gate flash memory, or even charge-trap flash memory.

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