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Research and Academics: Rus' Robotic Sand | Robotics Trends

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this is going to change everything [one day]. reprogammable matter.

OMG Nanobots !!!

This. Is. So. Cool!!!

This MacArthur Award winner's project will eventually allow someone to reach into a bag of sand and pull out any device or structure imaginable.

It’s like Harry Potter meets The Matrix, since the “bag of sand” is actually a collection of tiny robots. The robots can sense their neighbors, receive commands, and attach to each other to form objects.

The idea is that workers—especially those in remote or extreme conditions, such as scientists in Antarctica—could leave behind bulky toolboxes and instead bring along the high-tech sand.

I might have to start a Nanotech stash but for now I'm just sticking this in Singularity.

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