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The secret of longer life: eat raw fish and drink green tea | The Times

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Sounds like a call for  Sushi thursdays!

Sushi is never going to be the same for me! lol :(

On sushi safety:

Raw fish poses several potential hazards for consumers besides parasites. Bacteria can develop in non-fresh fish and produce enzymes called histamines that may result in Scombroid poisoning. Certain tropical-water fish may also have a natural toxin called ciguatera which causes gastrointestinal and neurological symptoms.

Sushi eaters don't typically have to worry because sushi restaurants take certain steps in handling and preparing their fish. A required step involves freezing fish at temperatures of -4 degrees Fahrenheit (-20 degrees Celsius) for seven days, or frozen at -31 degrees Fahrenheit (-35 degrees Celsius) for 15 hours, which kills any parasites.

Read more:

Paywall.  Can't read.  So Dumb.

The sushi pictured doesn't appear to have fish in it ( at least not like any I've eaten )

Well spotted! Google image's best guess is a Yutaka sushi kit.

Is veggie sushi a thing now?

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