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A List of the Most Useful Posts from Imgur

Imgur has a lot of useful information, curated by thousands of people. For my benefit and yours, I've compiled an index of some of the most popular, with descriptions of each post. ← read this first! It has most of the information you need to be a good imgur citizen, and answers many newbie questions.

Other useful imgur stuff: 

Reaction gifs archive - 

Common abbreviations - 

"How do you make it out of user sub?" - 

Imgur offical blog (fascinating) -

lists of lists -,, (LotR)


Now that you are on imgur, you may quickly lose your job and need a new one. Job-related posts:

7 questions to ask an interviewer - 

20 powerful words to use in a cover letter - 

34 common job interview questions - 

Advice for interviews (3 infographics) -


People love to know that they could, if they wanted to, learn something. Learning-related posts:

Education websites (infographic) - 

25 learning websites - 

24 learning websites - 

Sources of free university textbooks -


You may need to ingest nutrients at some point. Here are some ways to make it more tolerable:

13 chicken tenders recipes - 13 hummus recipes - 13 pancake recipes - 18 food substitutions - 20 healthy smoothie recipes - 21 recipes you can make in a muffin tin - 25 breakfast hacks - 29 healthy versions of comfort foods - 30 sandwich combinations - Detailed cooking tips from a chef - A lot about steaks - Chart of complementary flavours - Pastry folding techniques - Mac ‘n’ Cheese (angry) - Hot dogs (angry) - Microwave snacks that can be made in a mug -

Drinks: Shots -, ‘Manly’ drinks - 19 edible shot glasses -

Popular enough to be another section, the 'Award Winning' recipes posts (unsurprisingly, people really like cookies): Pasta - Milkshakes - Cheesecakes -, “Chinese” food -, Cocktails - Cookies -,,,,,,,,,,, Sandwiches -,,, Shots - Pizza -


I hear some people need entertainment other than imgur. Use these:

Live-action film: Random film selector gif - 245 Essential films (picture grid) - Many good films (numbered index) - 7 films (devastating) - 12 films (available on youtube; badass/creepy/feels) - 13 films (disturbing) - 15 films (on Netflix) - 16 films (on Netflix; foreign) - 17 films (good) - 17 films (on Netflix; good; lesser known) - 21 films (horror) -

Animation: 7 anime (good) - 16 anime (good but less popular) - 17 anime (good) - Animated shorts (good) - Animated shorts (creepy / feels) -

Websites, books, games: Websites (fun and amusing) -,,, 15 websites (trippy) - 13 book series - 11 indie games - Best console emulators -


They say the unhacked life is not worth living. Something for everyone here:

Internet-related: 5 music websites - Useful websites -,,, How to disappear online - How to internet better (infographics) - How to google better (infographics) -, How to google docs better - How to make symbols using Alt + # codes -


How to tie various knots - 

20 ideas for dates - 

How to write a good essay - 

How to photography better - 

How to remove tourists from travel photos - 

Life hacking infographics (mostly food, drink & attire) - 

41 camping hacks - 

13 survival infographics - 

Misc. life hacks -,,,,,, 

SOPA emergency IP list - 

Hacks from human psychology - 

How to draw better -


I hear some people like to exercise. Disgusting, but if you need it:

10 workouts for various body parts - 

30 day no-equipment workout program inc. meal plan - 

30 day ab challenge calendar - 

100 no-equipment workouts - 

Core workouts - 

Ab exercises -, 

Misc workout advice -

EDIT: By imgur decree, @sarah's favourite workout - (static) / (gif)


You might need to use words... at some point. Lots of interesting advice and help for those who want to write:

45 “man tips”- 

100 wisest words - 

Good advice - 

Quotes of various kinds - 

Inflated and concise wordings of common phrases - 

Toasts (for drinking) - 

Poetical quotes - 

Different words for feelings - 

Synonyms for common words - 

Ways to describe body language -


You can get arrested for not wearing clothes in some jurisdictions. Try these:

27 rules of suits - 

Various tips on (mostly men’s) attire -,,


Do you like what you see when you close all your windows? If not, here:

10 wallpapers (absurd) - 

16 smartphone wallpapers - 

38 wallpapers (amusing) - 

100+ wallpapers (sexy) -

575 wallpapers - 

1000 wallpapers - 

3719 wallpapers - 

A list of major wallpaper dumps -


E͓̎͊͆͜D̙̭̳̻̲̗ͦ̋̆ͅI̤͚̳̙͔̞͌͂ͫ̂̂ͮT̘́:ͬͬ͏̻ ̛̀ͦ̓͊̍͌̄w̶̬͉͈̺͉̟̆ͧ͛r͖̗̥̞̤̳͛̆̾̍i̶̗͈̭̖̠͖ͫ̈ͬ̄ͬt̴͂̔ͬe̷̼̫̗͚̹ͪͬ ̼͍̗̤̠͆w͕̣͓̤̽̃e̹̳ͯ̏ͫi̥ͨ̈́r̯̖̪ͭ̾̏̈͒d̾͜ ̰̦̪̻͕͍̏t̮̘̅̒̔̎ͤȩ̙͆̅x̙͕̜̥̯̲̞̏̓ͤ͐̌͠t̼̺̞̦͔ͬ̿ͯ̓̔͐ͮ - (Please, please don't use this one all the time)

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The Legend of Imgur: A Link to the Past... 

The BOULDER has favorited this post, but knows he will never see it again... 

Good on OP to provide some linkage. 

Eventually someone on Imgur will compile a useful list of useful lists. 

Imgur truly needs a feature where favorited posts can be organized.

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