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Caltrain - Best Bar Drinking Guide - SF - San Jose

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Now THIS is a public service announcement: a list of the best bars close to each and every stop on the Caltrain line between SF and SanJo. Heavy on the dives, but with the occasional fancy cocktail spot.

Great list. This is no dive:

The Stop: Redwood City

The Bar: Gourmet Haus Staudt (click here for address and info)

Possibly the closest spot to a Caltrain station, this authentic, German beer garden came about after the owner of the attached German market's son agreed to take it over, on the condition that they put in a beer garden in back. It's also the place where a guy tipsily left an iPhone prototype. Shizen!

They pretty much list every single bar remaining in Palo Alto.

And in Menlo Park they cheat!

seven eleven 7-11 40oz 40 meme funny imgur

The Stop: Menlo Park

The Bar: 7-Eleven (click here for address and info)

Nothing's really nearby enough, so grab a 40 from the 7-Eleven. Posing like an idiot: optional.

Old Pro Palo Alto meme funny imgur

The Stop: Palo Alto

The Bar: The Old Pro (click here for address and info)Only a couple blocks from the Caltrain station, they've got a full bar, cheap beer, a ton of TVs (with every sports package imaginable), and a friggin' mechanical bull. 

Antonio's Nut House Palo Alto meme funny imgur

The Stop: California Ave

The Bar: Antonio's Nut House (click here for address and info)

Not "Antonio's Butt House", as someone's iPhone may or may not have autocorrected it to, this place is basically a third taqueria, a third classic college bar, and a third... classic college bar. They've got pool, Pirates of the Caribbean pinball, $3 16oz margaritas 'til 3pm, and peanut shells covering the floor... giving you the perfect opportunity to finally rid yourself of all of your friends with peanut allergies.

Pro tip: the restaurant side has a $5 minimum for credit, while the bar side has $20. Both sides have beer. Do the math!

Fred's Bar Palo Alto Mountain View PBR funny Imgur

The Stop: San Antonio

The Bar: Fred's Place (click here for address and info)

Whew! That was a bit of a walk -- you deserve a shot. Luckily, they've got PBR 16oz and a shot of Old Crow for $6, OR bartender's choice shots for $3. And don't worry, Chang won't steer you wrong.

Chang won't steer me wrong?!

This one looks good, though I couldn't guarantee I would make it back to the train in a timely fashion ;)

Caltrain - Best Bar Drinking Guide - SF - San Jose

The Stop: San Bruno

The Bar: Celia's (click here for address and info)

Artichoke Joe's Casino is only a half-mile away, but that half-mile involves a walk along the freeway. In San Bruno. So yeah... instead, head to this about-as-far Mexican restaurant adorned with giant, inflatable Dos Equis bottles hanging from the ceiling, daytime soap operas (that aren't Spanish??) on every TV, and free (/tasty!) chips and salsa. We highly recommend the 20oz Grande Cadillac marg with a floater of Grand Marnier, and highly-er recommend the 20oz "Henny-chata" -- a self-pouring Hennessy-and-horchata that we swear is what Heaven tastes like.

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