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Remember the war in Afghanistan? Obama and Romney don’t seem to. - The Washington Post

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There are still almost 80,000 U.S. troops in Afghanistan, and each month brings a few dozen home in coffins — more than 2,000 since 2001. Hundreds more arrive on medical evacuation flights, many of them without a limb. The war will cost taxpayers more than $100 billion this year. The Taliban, which enjoys sanctuary in nuclear-armed Pakistan, continues to conduct devastating attacks on the Afghan government and the civilian population.

But you wouldn’t know any of it from listening to President Obama and Mitt Romney on the campaign trail. They may not agree on much, but when it comes to the decade-old conflict, they have adopted the same strategy on the stump: Say as little as possible — sometimes not a word — and quickly change the subject.

The war in total cost more than $1 trillion so far.

Imagine what good we could have done with that money instead.

Also, our sad loss of 2000 troops does not include our injured and post-traumatic stressed veterans. The cost of this war is much, much higher than just the trillion dollars.

When can we get out, please?

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