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Entrepreneurs can change the world - Grasshopper - An inspirational YouTube vid

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I've always loved this vid and thought it could bring some inspiration to our fellow pandawhales. If all else fails, feel free to add any short anecdotes that inspired you to keep moving forward during the often tough and thankless times of building a startup.

PS: I'm using this as an excuse to test a Chrome Extension I just made based on Adam's bookmarklet. If it works I'll pass it on shortly!

In the mean time make sure you get to enjoy this!

Thank you for this video!

And thank you for the Chrome extension!

Do you think inline videos would be good to have on ?

I go back and forth, especially now that YouTube prefers us to embed videos as iframes.

I think they would help keep people on the site. I personally like them. Might end up looking something like this:

As it is I tend to just get a daily PandaWhale email which I use to scan for interesting convos. Once I click through to the article I tend to forget to come back and share my thoughts :\ If images/videos etc were inline then at least you're still around to say something :)

Anyway, you can roll it yourself if you guys have it on your roadmap, but you can also test out the feel by dropping in something like this:

Thanks Atif -- these folks did an insane amount of work sanitizing the embeddables from over 200 services. Wow.

Good video. It is inspirational.

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