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Happy by C2C : Come Dance With Me : Krulwich Wonders, NPR

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If you go to the link you will be rewarded with an utterly amazing and different dance interpetation of the same song.

Both videos are great :)  I'm curious about this "Happy" song, wonder if that's the full name of the song?  who recorded it? and when?

"Happy," the song, comes from a bunch of different places. It features the voice of Derek Martin of Detroit, who used to sing with Duke Ellington's band, then worked with Ray Charles, Otis Redding, Marvin Gaye and others in the '50s and '60s. Then (being a science reporter, I'm not sure exactly how these things work, some of you will know better), four DJs from France, who call themselves C2C, heard Derek Martin's tracks, sampled them and mixed in all kinds of crazy beats and vocals to create the very danceable "Happy."

When "Happy" came out (well before Keone and Mari created their dance), C2C released a video. As it happens, C2C's video was also conceived as a dance, created by director Wendy Morgan. Her video is a story about a guy who's been touched by the Lord at a tent revival meeting. He's totally full of the spirit, which he can pass on to anyone, if he can touch them. It's a sacred touch. And he touches. So, if you're curious, here's the same song that Keone and Mari danced to, done completely differently — it's also pretty amazing.

That C2C video -- I've watched it 5 times already!

Between this and Pharrell Williams I feel happy!

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