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Game of Thrones season 4 episode 4 "Oathkeeper" gifs and memes

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Discussion of 4x04 "Oathkeeper" :

Will add gifs and memes to this page as I find them.

Sansa is toast.

Things just keep getting worse for poor Sansa.

There's a lot of venting among people who've read the books on all the things they changed in this episode:

And what the heck did they do to poor Hodor?!

Grantland on Daenerys' victory in Mereen:

“I promise you,” says Grey Worm early on in “Oathkeeper,” “a single day in freedom is worth more than a lifetime in chains.” When dealing with a declaration like this, it’s best to examine the context. Grey Worm — who, as a child, was kidnapped, castrated, and trained to kill on command — has just broken into Meereen’s hottest club. It’s got everything: slaves, resentment, a shirtless guy who looks like F. Murray Abraham. To convince the shackled men of Meereen to rise up, he’s brought with him not just duffel bags full of weapons but also an inspiring speech straight out of Spartacus. (“No one can give you your freedom, brothers. If you want it, you must take it.”)

It works. The sacking of Meereen was far more effective theater than past Khaleesi conquests — all of which had been yadda-yadda’d due to impossible budgetary demands — thanks in part to ace directorMichelle MacLaren, who proved on Breaking Bad that she’s more skilled than anyone alive at making benign locations, be they highway overpasses in New Mexico or back alleys in Essos, feel as ominous as the grave. But I think the most satisfying aspect of last night’s takeover was how inevitable and undeniable it felt. So much of Game of Thrones, particularly as we hunker down into the murky middle of the story, involves waiting for other shoes (or heads) to drop. At times, the stately pace and relentless grimness can make a viewer feel less like a fan of a television show and more like some sort of mute witness, cataloguing unspeakable horrors in pursuit of an unknowable goal. Grey Worm’s clean argument — and Daenerys’s spotless win-loss record — offered an uncommonly easy victory for the unambiguous good guys. (Maybe George R.R. Martin makes the slave masters more complex in the books. Onscreen they were basically these guys with face jewelry.) Meereen was the rare city that sacked itself.

But back to Grey Worm’s words for a moment, which were as interesting as they were inspiring. As played by the talented English actor Jacob Anderson — it’s hard enough to be charismatic in a suit of armor; try doing it while speaking a made-up language like a native — he’s certainly a worthy poster child for the benefits of free living. But I can’t help but wonder if he’s oversimplifying things a bit. For a show that prides itself on its foundation of moral quicksand — no one is all good, and no one is not sinking — Daenerys’s abolitionist banner stands apart. It’s awfully easy to root for someone who is against slavery, just as it’s pleasing to root for people triumphing over illiteracy (in this sympathy match, Grey Worm bests Ser Davos 2-1). But even on the (slightly) more enlightened shores of Westeros, where chains are used only for reasonable tasks like controlling direwolves and shipping wizards, I can’t say I’ve seen much evidence of freedom. Whether it takes the form of a solemn oath or the kind of white-hot fury that sharpens into a knifepoint called “revenge,” every character on this show is yoked to something. Tyrion can’t escape his family. Bran can’t escape his visions. Hodor can’t escape Hodor. It’s a wildly entertaining, pretty-depressing-if-you-think-about-it cycle of pain, death, and suffering that makes for excellent television but an awful life.

Even as Daenerys tramps about a continent breaking people’s chains, she seems strangely untroubled by the ones crisscrossing her own existence. I think Ser Barristan was being downright sensible when he advised his queen to answer the injustice of the slave masters with mercy. The only way to end a vicious circle is to step outside of it. But Daenerys, like her fellow white knight (though he dresses in emo black) Jon Snow, believes in the counterpunch known as justice — which seems like far too pretty a word to be uttering while watching hundreds of humans being nailed up. As Daenerys looked upon her ruins, I despaired. Why does she want to go to Westeros, again? To avenge the good name of relatives she can’t even remember? To rule subjects she’s never even seen? The weather seems awfully nice in the East. She’s got multiple cities, three dragons, one army, and an ever-expanding inner circle of lusty dudes. Someone (Ser Jorah?) has knitted her an econo-size banner big enough to cover even the most imposing pyramid. Why not just hang out and chill? You can’t lose the Game if you refuse to play.

Daenerys Jorah meme Game of Thrones S4E4 Oathkeeper Imgur

Lucky Ser Pounce meme cat Game of Thrones S4E4 Oathkeeper Imgur

I think we now know who killed Joffrey.

Ser Pounce killed Joffrey meme Game of Thrones Imgur I will kill your cat and feed it to you we'll see about that

Reddit comments:

Brienne Jaime meme I love you Game of Thrones S4E4 Oathkeeper Imgur

This is just a lot to absorb.

White Walkers baby meme Game of Thrones S4E4 Oathkeeper Imgur blue eyes

White Walker blue eye baby meme Game of Thrones S4E4 Oathkeeper Imgur

Nights King meme Game of Thrones S4E4 Oathkeeper Imgur

New meaning to "baby stroller"....

Haha, good one Geege.

So are ALL the White Walkers bastards? Or just some?

And are a lot of the White Walkers Crasters? Or just a few.

Here's a high quality White Walker Baby Boop gif:

And some comments on Reddit, of course:

Map of where everyone is as of the end of the Oathkeeper episode:

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