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API and Analytics Co. Apigee Closes $60 Million Round As Public Offering Looms

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The company has significant traction in enterprises already, and Haque says the next step in its development would be a public offering, which he says could come sometime in the next year.

“At the end of the day we provide enabling technology for digital business,” says Chet Kapoor, Apigee’s chief executive. “We started with api’s but very quickly realized that what was being delivered by APIs was data… [Now] we deliver two core offerings an API platform and a big-data analytics product.”

Apigee solidified its two-pronged approach to the market with the acquisition of InsightsOne, one of four acquisitions the company has made since its launch in 2004.

“We’re creating a platform that brings middleware and analytics together in one world,” Kapoor says.

Still trying to figure out exactly what they do.  An API dialtone?  It sounds like an automated api generation tool backed up by a CDN and sprinkled with measurement analytics?    

They help companies with money to make APIs to their legacy systems.

Then through those APIs they back up data to a cloud.

They charge both for professional services and for hosting -- a hefty subscription fee.

More recently they're offering big data analytics, too.

But it's all about getting data out of legacy systems.

Here are some notes from Quora about Apigee:

Hint: Ravana is not a nice guy.

This is what outsiders think of Apigee

1) fast growing company 2) about to go IPO 3) cool startup 4) has capable leaders 5) has stable platforms 6) has awesome work 7) has stellar valuation 8) has awesome engineers

as an insider i know that 4-8 aren't true.

Apigee: what is it like to work at Apigee Bangalore as an Engineer?

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unlike good techie companies, Apigee is not an engineering focussed company, and like most companies the Indian office is given step child like treatment from the US office.

Chet (the CEO)'s previous ventures were into enterprise products and his thinking hasn't evolved to handle Cloud based products. The expectation from engineers is to produce something in 2-4 weeks and they end up producing mediocre code. He has leadership team of 20+ people, with only one of them from India (which has half the work force).

People at helm:

The engineering was run by Anant and Mike till recently and they had a stooge in Vaidhy. Anant was a blowhard, who didn't justify his resume nor his stature in the organization. Mike is a self-confessed non-techie and Vaidhy's rise to fame was largely due to the inabilities/idiosyncrasies of Mike and Anant and Grandhi's (GM of India) favoritism.

Now these gentlemen have been replaced by Shankar, who is a micro manager, who has decided to take all core work back to US. Shankar operates in a smile-on-face and heavy handed manner. He has destroyed the engineering group in India, forced good talent out and is highly likely to do the same in US.

A common pattern of management style of Chet, Anant, Vaidhy and Shankar is of sweet-dictatorship. They don't listen to others, try to impose their ideas even when they aren't the best and display favoritism. It was amusing to see Shankar kick Vaidhy's butt of engineering, who recently was the undisputed king of engineering in India indulgent in bullying and subjugation. It was akin to one bully beating up another.

The quality of code and the engineering maturity was never good, now with the core work moving to US, shitty work is the flavour of the day.

Grandhi has done a good job in hiding the shit. surprisingly the morale is ok, guess the TGIFs and Mac Book pros are all that employees care about.

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Having worked in Apigee for over 2 years, I can say my exp went from elated to happy to indifferent to sad and finally angry.

Let me explain the reason for change in my perspective of 2 years.

Elated: When I joined, Apigee was a cool geeky company just starting to increase the market share and you could see the hard work and energy around people. The people at this time were not from Amazon or Yahoo etc rather consistency and hard work are were values.

Happy: Majority of the hard working people who have actually built the company either left or have been fired. New breed of managers started coming in. Microsoft, Amazon, Yahoo ... you name it. Each new manager brought along the treasure of knowledge to make the company even more better. Too many managers with too many ideas to change the company left it being a complete chaos. Still I was happy that company would turn around and could make a difference.

Indifferent: Every manager/lead started running the teams the way they like it which resulted in pushing the blame to other teams. With this blame game going on rampantly, US folks were busy getting new customers instead of getting house in order. I was indifferent towards what was happening in other teams and focused on my work.

Sad: I watched the company going from good to bad to worse because of people running the company were either sleeping or busy trying to impress their bosses. Guys who were good technically and not willing to compromise on ethics were forcefully made to leave. I have seen a guy getting fired from the company, because he had a vision for the product and implemented really cool which VP wanted to do but could never did.

Angry: While all this was happening at the higher level, change in leadership comes and declares the whole India engineering as incompetent and firing starts. Its bad that work is being moved to US and there is a lot of firing.

Current scenario: The work is kinda leftovers from US folks. The employees are scared that they can be fired at any time. Management is trying to motivate people showing the carrot of sponsoring the L1 for employees. The stick is firing which can happen to any one at any time for no reason at all. Folks joining the company now would be in real tight spot of same thing like this happens to them after joining.

Few things you will only find in Apigee and no where else (thats what they think huh!!!)

1. TGIF 2. Mac book pros 3. Organize hackathons and give away prizes. 4. Speak all day about passion (even though very few people have it now) 5  Building a space station

Things that will happen only Apigee

1.Your bonus, which is part of your CTC will be declared void because company hasn't met goals (You dont get a penny). 2.One day you are a rockstar, the next you day you are below performer. 3 Guys coming from Amazon, Microsoft, Yahoo etc are only people who love technology and have passion. (No offence against the employees of these companies) 4 Attrition is one of the least in Bangalore (10 folks out of 30 in engineering have left since Dec. 33% is pretty low i guess) 5 My way or highway.

Guess that answers the question.

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Apigee is a complex and weird company.

Management talks about passion, but it is completely missing, at least in the indian arm.

Respect: Management talks about Respect, while the communication is politically correct, management cares little about employees opinions.

Management: folks in US think they are Steve jobs, the head of Indian office is a not a leader, wont-question-my-bosses follower. His value add is weaving stories to justify actions of the US bosses. power is given to those who kiss-ass of us bosses and kick-ass-es of indian employees. leaders left in India are a pain to work with. Org level metrics! my foot!

Culture: never had good engineering culture, engineers or hygiene. Most employees are sticking around because they can't find jobs elsewhere or are lazy to look.

pros: ample parking, masala dosas, biriyani and beer bashes.