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Foursquare Splits Into Two Apps. Swarm is a new mobile messaging app announced on the same day Snapchat added text messaging.

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Foursquare is getting into the mobile messaging space:

Foursquare is planning to split its core app into two separate experiences, one that provides recommendations and another that acts as a “social heat map” where users check in and see nearby friends.

The new app is called Swarm, and it is not yet available, though according to Dennis Crowley, the app takes a lot of inspiration from the Instant Messenger, where you can see when your friends are online and offline. Swarm shows which friends are in the area and opens up the opportunity for a dialog, which is a story we’ve heard from multiple startups but one that hasn’t been tried out by a more mature company like Foursquare.

On the other side, Foursquare will be redesigning its core app from the ground up. The biggest surprise is the removal of the check-in altogether, as the new app will focus on discovery and exploration.

“The point of the company, this whole thing, was never to build an awesome check-in button,” said Crowley in an interview with the Verge. Yet, when Foursquare launched five years ago, they needed the check-in button to get data around where people were going, when they wanted to share it, or remember it, or rate it. Now, they have all of that data, they don’t need you to check in.

Instead, you’ll be met with a search experience not all that different from Yelp, but with very different results. Rather than offering the ten best pizza places in your general area, Foursquare will know where you’ve been, what you’ve liked before, and what your friends like, so the results will be tailored to you in an almost predictive manner.

Just like Mark Zuckerberg says: It's hard for a mobile app to do more than one thing well.

Hence, more companies will be splitting themselves up into more apps. Will consumers use them all?

And Swarm is like WhatsApp for Foursquarers? 

Mobile messaging is fragmented and this fragments it more.

Coincidentally, Snapchat added text messaging and video messaging today to its core app:

So Snapchat is still just one app. For now.

Snapchat Adds Ephemeral Text Chat And Video Calls | TechCrunch

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