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Pick Your New NHL Playoff Team 2014

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Sharks eliminated? Time to jump on the Ducks bandwagon! Do it for Teemu!!

Plus they have this going for them:

My order of preference: Ducks, Kings, Sharks.   Any of the three winning the cup...happiness.  Ducks winning?  Happiness x3. 

On a completely different sport?  Two of the most recognized and loved players?  Trout and Pujols.  I wonder what that means for the season. 

Means this is a good year.

Not sure I like the new NHL playoff format that forces Kings, Sharks, and Ducks to go head to head in early rounds. 

Reasons to root for the Ducks:

The good: Teemu Selanne. Really, what else do you need? One of the greatest (and most beloved) players of his generation is in the final year of his NHL career and looking to end it with one last Stanley Cup run.

If that’s not enough, there’s Saku Koivu, the 18-year veteran and cancer survivor who’s trying to win his first Cup. Or how about franchise player Ryan Getzlaf, who took a puck in the face in Round 1 but returned to the lineup despite looking like this?

There’s also the unlikely rookie goaltender, the draft bust turned defensive stalwart, the tough guywho can actually play, and the guy whose name lends itself to easy Simpsons puns. Did we mention the adorable head coach?

Honestly, what’s not to love?

Your mileage may vary: OK, fine, maybe Corey Perry is not to love.

The bad: Despite their impressive record, it’s surprisingly hard to find many fans who take the Ducks seriously as legitimate Cup contenders,6 and they’ll probably be considered slight underdogs against the Kings.

Bottom line: If anything, their quasi-underdog status makes them even more lovable. The Ducks are a great pick. Teemu forever.