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How to Survive Negative and Hurtful Criticism, by John Kramp

How to Survive Negative and Hurtful Criticism by @JohnKramp
12:07 PM May 02 2014

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Affirmation 2: “This person is hurting. That’s why he is trying to hurt me.”

The harsher the critic, the deeper the hurt motivating the criticism.

If I dehumanize my critics, I short-circuit my emotional response to them. If I start by seeing their criticism as an expression of pain in their lives for which they blame me (rightly or wrongly), I handle my own emotions more constructively.

Well said. It's still hard to do, because their criticisms do often hurt.

Yeah.  This is often easier to understand in retrospect.

Or easier to understand if you can detach from the feelings.

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