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Real Or Troll, CodeBabes Is NSFL

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I think it's a troll. It's gotta be a troll. Yeah. Troll.

You see, Codebabes has very deliberately arrived at a time when the historically male-dominated tech industry is facing a number of problems regarding its openness, or lack thereof, to women.

There are the recent allegations of domestic violence committed by the CEO of RadiumOne,leading to his removal by the board; a sexism scandal at GitHub resulting in the resignation of one of its founders; a fairly regular stream of name-calling on anonymous social app Secret, favored by Valley insiders; a “Silicon Valley” TV show on HBO where awkward programmers run and hide from the stripper whose services they bought to celebrate a company milestone.

And, okay, let’s not forget our own mistakes here: TechCrunch’s previously too-loose oversight of our hackathon once allowed two misogynistic presentations on our own stage. (For which we apologized, then responded to by changing our procedures, and making donations.)

Gotta be a honeypot (see what I did there?) to get lamers' credit card numbers.

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