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Walmart to Sell Marijuana in Colorado, Washington

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If this report is true, Walmart will be selling AND GROWING industrial-size marijuana!

Time to put a little WMT in my portfolio ...

"Walmart’s marijuana will be produced in-house.  The company announced that they’re currently working with State and Federal law enforcement and regulatory agencies to establish three “industrial-sized” marijuana “production facilities,” all of which will be located in Colorado.  Walmart plans to invest an ironic $420 million into those facilities over the next six years, and claims their early profit estimates range close to $2.3 billion yearly."

Ironic?  Because screwed employees?

I guess this is one area in which Amazon cannot compete because shipping is not ok?

Do the still do drug test for the employees or they would encourage "dog fooding"?

Even if they drug test, it's legal in those states.

So presumably they cannot be fired for sampling the product.

Actually, Wal-Mart workers have been fired for medical marijuana use:

An important detail:

“Walmart is a corporation that tries to stay at the forefront of ingenuity and private sector innovation,” states a press release issued by the company Monday morning. “We realize that the legalization of recreational marijuana is something a majority of Americans are rooting for, and that it is only a matter of time before marijuana can be purchased legally in all fifty states. And when that day comes, we want our customers all across this great nation to know that you can count on Walmart to sell you only the finest marijuana products available, all for incredibly competitive prices.”

The Walmartification of Weed will exert downward price pressure on the product.

Is the National Report story really true?

<fighting back tears>

We can dream that one day it will be true. But it is not this day.

If they did sell it, you can almost guarantee it would be the genetically modified variety that Monsanto is reortedly currently working on

Darn it, why does Monsanto have to take the fun out of everything?

Because they suck, anything else I'm thinking would just be too un-ladylike to say in public.

Ha! Well said, Danielle. 

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