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8 Different Ways to Get Great Ideas | Stanford GSB

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1. “Interrupt the logical mind and allow space to daydream”

What inspires me is beauty and the human desire and capacity to create it. I listen to Glen Gould’s piano pieces or other acoustic music in the morning. My best ideas come randomly. I take naps and steam baths. You need to interrupt the logical mind and allow space to daydream.Einstein said the theory of relativity came to him when he was riding a bike. The best ideas will not come from slamming three espressos and grinding it out, but rather at weird moments: in the middle of the night, when you are traveling on a train, when you are receptive to oblique inspiration and the suspension of disbelief. Zen teachers refer to this as ‘the beginner’s mind, where possibilities are many.’ We are all too finely tuned. Our mind uses us more than we use our mind.”

— Rob Forbes (MBA ’85), Founder of Design Within Reach and PUBLIC Bikes Read the full interview

Seven other ideas here: 

I didn't realize Einstein had his breakthrough on a bike!

Steve Jobs used to call a computer a bicycle for the mind.

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