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Game of Thrones season 4 episode 5 "First of His Name" gifs and memes

Arya needle stabs the Hound gif Imgur Game of Thrones 4x05 first of his name

Thank you JoeDaEskimo for making this gif.

Arya is trying to avenge The Hound killing her friend Mycah in season 1.

Reddit comments:

Arya tries to kill Hound gif Imgur Poppin Fresh Pillsbury Dough Boy needle Game of Thrones S4E5 meme first of his name

More on the Hound and Syrio Forel:

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Wow, it keeps getting better!

Will add gifs and memes to this page as I find them.

Season 4 Spoilers Premiere Discussion 4 05 First of His Name gameofthrones

Reddit discussion of episode 4x05:

Best parts of the Grantland article:

Tyrion has the jokes. Tywin has the power. Bran has the sight. And Daenerys has the dragons. But midway through this extremely engaging fourth season, I’m starting to think that Cersei Lannister is the most important character on Game of Thrones. No one else so perfectly captures the show’s myriad contradictions. She’s a queen who is often treated as a pawn, a mother who appears completely devoid of feeling. And yet, the more time we spend with her, the more sympathetic she appears. Her anger is earned; it’s an inheritance more real than any gold or holdings. It’s what keeps her human, even as her actions veer toward the monstrous.

“First of His Name” was the best showcase for Cersei — and Lena Headey, the brilliant actress who plays the character the way a lightning bolt plays a tree — in some time. Though her actions were, as ever, limited to the Red Keep, Cersei’s wine-stained fingerprints were present in nearly every scene. This was an episode that dealt explicitly with one of the series’ central conceits: that the stories we tell children offer no preparation for the unscripted harshness of life. As the narrative winged, like a three-eyed raven, from point to point on the map, we saw again and again how the aspirations of the youngest characters — which is to say the most hopeful; which is also to say the most naive — are continually tested by the unexpected depths of the world they’ve been born into. Arya with her dance routines, Sansa with her pastries, Jon with his honor, Daenerys with her noble obstinance: All were smacked in the face last night by something heavier than the back of the Hound’s hand: reality.

Cersei, by contrast, has no illusions left to lose.


Two weeks later, Jaime’s raping of his twin sister continues to fuel articles and argument. But I think it’s best to consider it as only the latest horrific act of violence to be visited on a woman who has been violated, in one way or another, her entire life. Dooming Tyrion isn’t about the truth. It’s about asserting control. While Margaery schemes and Tywin smirks and Prince Oberyn dips his quill at his leisure, Cersei sacrifices her pride and quite possibly more for a purely selfish desire. The justice she craves isn’t for Joffrey; it’s for herself. I’m haunted by the words she said by the harbor, staring out at the fairy-tale boat built for the daughter she was forced to give up: “Everywhere in the world they hurt little girls.”

It’s a hard truth to hear but an impossible one to ignore. You’d think Sansa would know it by now, but optimism, like a sticky lemon cake, is just so difficult to resist. One of the best things about “First of His Name” was how quickly certain journeys reached their destinations. Just as I thought Jon Snow would be questing to Craster’s Keep for another week or two, I fully expected Sansa to remain with Littlefinger belowdecks until at least Season 5, but no: Here they were, walking the deadly road into the Eyrie! It was so refreshing to once again be in the presence of Lysa Arryn, the jittery, overprotective, and oversharing mother of the year. Lysa is also Cat Stark’s sister and the woman last seen in Season 1 reenactingcontroversial covers of Time magazine on her dead husband’s throne. Can I be honest with you? After three years of beheadings and black magic, it was a relief to be back in a world as terrifying as my own.

Anyway, in between the Frenching, we learned that it was Petyr Baelish, not the Red God, who set the events of the series in motion, thus making him a far more nefarious adversary than I’d realized. As you’ll recall, it was the mysterious death of Jon Arryn, King Robert’s Hand, that brought Ned Stark to King’s Landing. Suspicion had long rested on the Lannisters. Turns out that suspicion was wrong. Forget the Iron Bank; only Game of Thrones can deliver a return like this on such an old investment. Before long, we also learned that Petyr is willing to use every inch of his littlefinger to get what he wants and that Lysa is not lying when it comes to her personal volume settings.

But back to Sansa. Look, she gets a lot of grief from some quarters and it’s not hard to see why. When Arya and Jon Snow are stabbing dudes through the throat, it can be tough to get worked up about the fantasy princess trapped in a snuff film. But after an episode like last night’s, I think Sansa deserves a second look. If you squint you can see that she’s basically Cersei, minus the claw marks life has left on the latter’s soul: just another young woman cruelly batted about by circumstance like one of Ser Pounce’s balls of royal yarn. It’s possible to root for a better outcome for Sansa, though it’s difficult to imagine one, especially now that she has learned that “family” is just the word you use for people who smile when they stab you. (The nicest thing her aunt said to her was, “You’ll be a widow soon!”) You think Sansa’s beginning to figure it out now? The only person who has ever kept his word to her is Tyrion.

Watching Sansa’s faith exit through the Moon Door has been a regular occurrence, but the same thing has been happening to Arya. When falling asleep, she no longer counts sheep, like a regular Northman: She counts corpses. It’s a bedtime story that’s as sharp and brutal as the girl she has become. But it’s still just a story. Rory McCann has had some outstanding mocking laughs during his time on Game of Thrones, but his reaction to Arya’s water dance may have been the best yet. (Would it be too much to ask, when the war is over, for Sandor Clegane to get Joan Acocella’s gig?) Arya still believes that wars are won and lost over concepts like “justice” and “revenge,” when they’re really decided by more prosaic things like swords and armor. Syrio Forel was a great teacher and a better character, but Arya should have known he wasn’t the master he claimed to be. The telltale sign of fighting ability isn’t flourish. It’s a pulse.


Life on the margins was no more forgiving this week. To the East, Daenerys learned that an inspiring vision doesn’t necessarily come with a rearview mirror. In a summit inside the towering pyramid of Meereen, Jorah transformed briefly into his alter ego, Ser Basil of Exposition, and delivered the news of the day both good (Joffrey is dead!) and bad (all the other cities in Slaver’s Bay are backsliding into chaos). This was a rough download to process, especially for those of us hankering to see Dany set sail. (“I heard you like ships,” Nü Daario shrugged, between bites of what I can only assume to be the Meereenese equivalent of wasabi peas. Where’s Surfer Daariowhen you need him? He would have hijacked two catamarans and three cases of wine coolers and have Dany sailing with him to Catalina by sundown.) The idea of Daenerys’s freedom march shifting into reverse is, at the moment, far more interesting than it is appealing. There’s no way liberating a continent could possibly be as easy as Game of Thrones has made it look over the past few weeks. So, once again, I appreciate the show’s commitment to callous, unforgiving reality. But does it bear mentioning that this isn’t even the continent we’re interested in? Save something for the sequel!


Bran was forced to choose the vision in his head over the one right in front of his eyes. This is the second time in as many seasons that Kit Harington and Isaac Hempstead-Wright have shared a scene without ever crossing paths — it’s an irksome narrative trick that I’d imagine works better on the page than on the screen. But giving up the comfort of family isn’t necessarily a bad thing — just ask Sansa.


Bran can’t walk, but at least he’s blazing his own trail, jaegering gentle Hodor and doing to Locke what Jaime Lannister never could. While everyone else waits for winter, Bran’s the only one marching straight into the freezing heart of it, chasing after a new idea instead of an old title or an even older throne. Let everyone else play the Game. Brandon Stark alone appears dead set on changing it.

Best quote of 4x05: Jojen needs to learn how to mark his spoilers. 

Jojen I saw you die tonight meme quote game of thrones 4x05 first of his name Imgur


Know your strengths, use them wisely, and one man can be worth ten thousand. ~Petyr Baelish

Petyr Baelish Know your strengths, use them wisely, and one man can be worth ten thousand. quote meme Game of Thrones 4x05 first of his name Imgur


I like this Eyrie more than season 1.

Eyrie season 4 meme Game of Thrones 4x05 first of his name Imgur

For comparison:

Eyrie season 1 Game of Thrones meme Imgur


Littlefinger ive made a huge mistake meme game of thrones S4E5 Peytr Baelish after marrying Lysa Imgur

Littlefinger eyebrows gif Petyr Baelish smile Imgur

Not really a door, is it?

Game of Thrones Precap Magic Moon Doors and Online Iron Banking

âGame of Thrones' Precap: Magic, Moon Doors, and Online Iron Banking «

Game of Thrones Season 4 summarized in one liners:

fuck the king meme Game of Thrones Season 4 summarized in one liners funny Imgur


Episode 5: The fuck they do to Jon Arryn?!

Probably the most important reveal to date:

Lysa murdered Jon Arryn gif poison husband wine Game of Thrones 4x05 first of his name Imgur

From the Reddit comments:

Props to /u/Death_Star_ for summing up why. Here's his comment explaining.

Revelation of Arryn's murder!

That's the problem....I wonder if show watchers realize that the thing that kick-started all the chaos -- Arryn's death -- was just revealed as a murder. It's probably long forgotten and insignificant to those who didn't read the books.

EDIT: I mean no disrespect -- I was a show-watcher first, and I was stumped as to who Arryn was. I watched all 3 seasons in December, then I picked up the books right after. When I was reading AGOT, I thought, "Who is this Jon Arryn character? Did the TV show even mention him, let alone his death?"

So, if you're a show-watcher who has been keeping track of Arryn, that's amazing. It's amazing considering that the question of "Who killed Jon Arryn?" wasn't really ever asked. There was no investigation or even suspicion of foul play. There really wasn't much question as to what killed Jon Arryn, let alone who.

So, that's why it's a huge, HUGE revelation: he was not only murdered, but he was murdered via conspiracy between LF and Lysa.

But if you had that question in your head for the last 3 years, that's pretty uncanny, especially considering that the show hadn't even really presented that question.


I've gotten a couple of PMs/replies regarding what happened, so here's what happened:

  • Jon Arryn was King Robert's Hand for 16+ years or so. Jon Arryn was also Lysa's husband.
  • Arryn died from an "illness." Everyone concluded that Arryn died from sickness or natural causes, so there wasn't even an investigation.
  • In this episode, we learn that Littlefinger drew up the plan to poison him, and Lysa executed the plan.
  • His death is what put things into motion, since a new Hand, i.e. Ned, is needed. It's where the main King's Landing story begins in the pilot.
  • Again, no one really asked about Arryn's death. So, the reveal that Littlefinger conspired to murder Jon Arryn is a HUGE revelation,since no one in Westeros suspected any foul play at all.
  • Basically, everything that has gone down has stemmed NOT from Arryn's random and untimely death ... rather, it was sparked by Littlefinger's and Lysa's MURDER of Arryn.

Think about all the branches of consequences stemming from Arryn's death, and *those branches have other branches*:

  • First and foremost, Arryn's death led to the near complete physical-separation of the Starks for virtually the entire series-to-date. Ned becomes the Hand, and brings the 2 girls to King's Landing. Sansa eventually becomes prisoner of KL, and then of Littlefinger. Arya becomes a lone wolf who has survived by traveling with various bands of dangerous men, and she even survived Harrenhal and the tickler and the mountain. Catelyn is left behind with Bran, though Cat eventually moves south to seek Tyrion. Bran and Rickon are left behind, and those two eventually split apart. Then, you have Jon Snow, who goes to the Wall as Ned goes to KL. And lastly, you have Ned going to KL, who gets The Sword.
  • Because of Robert's death, Ned was framed as a conspirator/usurper, and his imprisonment led to Robb/North marching down onto King's Landing. Of course, we know that the war eventually fizzled out, and Robb and Catelyn were murdered at the Red Wedding.
  • The North -- or at least Winterfell -- is up for grabs. With Arryn's death, Ned had to leave, and Robb later marched south to get Ned back. Then, Bran and Rickon flee Winterfell. "There must always be a Stark in Winterfell." That is ruined, and now the Boltons have the North.
  • Daenerys is still alive. Ned convinced Robert to ease up on the "kill Daenerys" plan, though on his death bed. If Jon Arryn were still the Hand, you could speculatively argue that Arryn might have followed Robert's commands to kill Daeny. In any event, Ned strongly debated with Robert regarding killing Daeny, and in the end, she was spared.
  • Renly vs. Stannis, and then Stannis vs. KL
  • Bran gets paralyzed by Jaime, who wouldn't have been in the North if King Robert hadn't made the trip to the North to ask Ned to replace Arryn. Of course, Bran's paralysis has led him to a very specific and dangerous path, i.e. his journey beyond the Wall.
  • Catelyn blames Tyrion for Bran's injury. First of all, this started with Tyrion's "kidnapping" to go to the Vale. Despite Tywin's "apathy" toward Tyrion, he attempts to retrieve Tyrion in order to protect the Lannister name. So, this starts a mini-war.
  • Tyrion gets a taste of "The Game" during his time as acting Hand. This, of course, knocked Tyrion out of his drinking/whoring life into a more ambitious life (though with alcohol and whores staying around). Anyway, Tyrion is now enthused by the "game."
  • Joffrey becomes the King. This one really isn't foreseeable, as in, it wasn't really caused by the death of Jon Arryn. But you could argue that Joffrey wouldn't have taken the throne so early if they hadn't made the trip North to recruit Ned -- there would be a whole different set of scenarios if they never made it North, and Robert wouldn't have died via boar.

There are a ton of other things that wouldn't have happened had Jon Arryn not died.


The show watchers were led to believe that the Lannister Twins killed Jon Arryn. The first time we see Jaime and Cersei in S1E1, they are looking at Jon Arryn's body. In the same episode, Catelyn receives the letter from Lysa saying it was the Lannisters. I think everyone accepted that the Lannisters killed on Arryn after these two scenes. That's why I was so shocked and surprised at LF's plan.

More Reddit comments:

Chaos is a Ladder. Thanks to Littlefinger:

What did Cersei tell Margaery she'd do to her if she ever called her "sister" again?

Margaery ain't afraid through:

Margaery Cersei meme sister or mother game of thrones 4x05 first of his name Imgur

Hodor is the real breaker of chains!

[S4 Spoilers] Pfft, Hodor is the real breaker of chains! - Imgur

Jojen: can see through time, space, and has read TWOW before GRRM conceived of it.

Fourth wall Jojen meme Karl youre not even in the books so I'm honestly not that worried game of thrones 4x05 first of his name Imgur

Reddit comments:

Jon Snow vs Karl:

All I could think, when Jon Snow entered the little cabin and shut the door behind him.

Prince Oberyn's quote in S4E1: "Long sword is a bad option in close quarters." As Karl had two little mini blades, I thought Jon would be in for it. As he nearly was, thank goodness for one of Castors' wives.


Tywin meme you dont need to make formal alliances with people you trust meme game of thrones 4x05 Imgur

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