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Newly filed lawsuit claims Google deliberately made Android phones too expensive | Greenbot

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A company charging more than they should!  The incredulous surprise is also what is surprising.

But if Apple ebook conspiracy/collusion was a worthy class action, then so is this.  

"“Because consumers want access to Google’s products, and due to Google’s power in the U.S. market for general handheld search, Google has unrivaled market power over smartphone and tablet manufacturers,” says the suit. It also suggests that Android devices would be cheaper if manufacturers didn't have to pay Google for better positioning in the market and that users would have more search options if it weren't for the embedded Google search integration. "[Consumers] do not know how to switch, nor will they go to the trouble of switching, the default search engine on their devices."

A Google spokesperson sent out a brief statement on the matter. "Anyone can use Android without Google and anyone can use Google without Android. Since Android's introduction, greater competition in smartphones has given consumers more choices at lower prices.""

Technically, yes, Chromium or Dolphin (or whatever?) could have been used, made front and center as the browser, much like MS did with IE (wasn't this "right" later overturned via lawsuit?).  And mayyyybe yes, if device manufacturers didn't have to pay licensing (to satisfy perceived/projected consumer demand) and go through the bs to integrate, then this cost wouldn't have been passed onto consumers.

It would come down to how transparent the process to accept bids to BE front and center was, whether Google unfairly used its inside track to promote its product (though, this is such a common strategic practice in business!).  

Google did have a hand in increasing competition via development of the Android ecosystem.  That is clear, and they will clearly use this argument to defend themselves.  At the same time, it sounds like the same argument used by clothing companies in using sweatshop labor to make their products.  

Also, to assume users are dumb and don't know how to change default search engine is a lame argument.  " "[Consumers] do not know how to switch, nor will they go to the trouble of switching, the default search engine on their devices.""

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