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What companies need in 2012

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"In 2012, there will be increased demand for mobile app developers, data warehouse analysts and user experience designers."

In all seriousness, are any of those things taught in school or do we have to learn those skills on the streets?

Apple hires graphic designers and trains them to be UX designers... No good flow out of Univs right now.

What's funny is that the Apple training of designers is I believe the inspiration for the RandsInRepose Primer on Design.

But I think younger kids are teaching themselves out of necessity to build the web/mobile apps they want... my co-founder started as traditional artist....24 months ago was doing flyers for a campus group we belonged to....12 months ago web mobile, web, back-end,front-end etc... and he's 20!

While that may be true, I believe 2012 will really be the year of asynchronous.

Not limited to only programming, but Node.js will be the poster child for this movement. Soon, we'll also see signs of the "Async Startup" methodology emerging on the inter-tubes. I typically believe such movements show up when we start seeing confused reporters telling us how the technology is being used (rather, misreported usage) by large corps. such as Walmart.

In the information age, data is the new steel and to find new forms to refine or apply it generates new opportunities for the whole market. -- source

So Aysnc frameworks will come to the rescue, and will increase the demand for the talent that can hack it.

@Matt Most of the skills in demand are really not that hard to pick up, and there are more resources than ever before publicly and freely available for people to just have a go at it. From iPhone class lectures on iTunes via Stanford, to Codecademy to a plethora of blogs, podcasts, open source project, free tutorials and so on.

The thing that is lacking perhaps is a sense of structure and organization around the resources available and enough high fidelity advice for a newbie with no CS background to start from scratch...

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