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Pogue's pick for best tablet stylus -

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"The Hand". Was a kickstarter project.

A year later I'm wondering which is your preferred stylus now.

Steve Jobs hated styluses (styli?) but after watching you and Matt use yours I'm convinced thy have value.

Are you going to buy The Hand?

Yeah, once it's on Amazon. Seems they're still fulfilling kickstarter supporters orders now.

I stopped buying things on Kickstarter too. Good call.

My favorite stylus is the BoxWave Slimline Capacitive , on sale for ten bucks right now, which I use to draw with. it's thinner and longer, which feels more like a pen to me

Some drawing examples on foodtwit


and I hate the brush stylus. it feels familiar but acts differently, which means it's miserable to work with.

For my iPad I've started using the Jot Pro, and it's much better than my finger.

Cost $30 -- thanks to Matt for recommending it!

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