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Small Ball (or Think Small!)

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In the early 20th century, baseball teams leaned towards a non-fan-friendly, non-showmanship, strategy only execution play designed to win games. It was called "Small Ball".

I watched Moneyball last night. Other than under-hyping the the big data angle as economic theory, it's essentially using big data analytics as a way to win games instead of please crowds.

So the question of 2012 is, do we please crowds--wisdom of the crowds, eyeballs, voting with your feet, etc--or do we play to win using big data and small ball strategies?

When you are a small company, completely out funded by mega-VC funded companies, trying to make a difference in the world, do you play their game or do you play to win? In a world where hosting is free (Amazon), major functionality is free (Open Source, equity), adoption is near free (viral, adoption), and marketing is near free (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Path) do you really need millions of dollars to change the world or just really, really...really good insight?

In a world of micro-VCs and micro-rounds with new models of startup funding and traction (Y-combinator, I/O Ventures, etc), the small guys have just a good a chance as any of the big backers.

Greg, I believe the playing field has been leveled, but I'm hard-pressed to find a startup that got big without significant funding. Github?

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