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Don't let the #FCC break the #Internet! #digitalage #netneutrality #savetheinternet

Don't let the #FCC break the #Internet!  MESSAGE  from Fight for the Future:

"In just eight days, the FCC will vote on whether to kill net neutrality. That’s eight days to save the free and open Internet.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is already facing a huge public backlash to his proposal to let cable and phone companies create an Internet fast lane for big corporations. But to get a majority of FCC commissioners to vote against his proposal, we need to make them feel the heat big time.

So this week, Fight for the Future is helping to launch one of the most sustained and widespread protests for Internet freedom ever.

It starts in Washington, D.C., where a courageous group of about 10-20 hard-core activists will set up camp in front of the FCC offices -- and stay there day and night until the FCC drops their proposal to kill net neutrality. Then, to build momentum, we’ll organize similar encampments in front of FCC offices in 27 other cities, and recruit people to join in so that the crowds keep growing as the days pass.  


Sharing to show support for the dedicated people who are sleeping out in front of the FCC day and night to demand Net Neutrality and an equal internet for all!


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Protesters set up camp at net neutrality rally outside FCC headquartersOccupy-style protest against proposed 'open internet' rules that protesters say will give control of the web to major corporations

How many protesters? Looks like just a handful.

According to Fight for the Future it is a small group ... they will keep it alive over social media and over the internet