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Meet the Russian Skywalkers Who Take the World's Riskiest Photos | Rolling Stone

Meet the Russian Kids Who Take the World s Riskiest Photos Culture News Rolling Stone


So while money is a good motivation, it's not the only one. "Why do we go on roofs?" wonders Ivan hypothetically. "We want adrenaline. We're like junkies; we can't live without it. You want to test your possibilities and take everything from life. You try it once and it is very hard to stop."

Ivan muses for a moment. "I will stop one day when I have wife and kids. I can't do it all my life." 

Kirill, 21 years old and with more than 40,000 Instagram followers, nods in agreement to his colleague's thrill-seeking explanation, but also offers a more romantic perspective.

"Every new roof is like a new investigation into your city," he says. "I know Moscow very well as I see it from above. As a kid I used to love to visit people as every time there was a new view from the window. It is an easy way to find adventure in your own city."

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40,000 Instagram followers want to see him risk his life.

Not sure if that's a high number or a low number given the risks he takes.

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