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@FLOTUS prayers alone will not help TIME TO ACT #BringBackOurGirls

Nigerian Islamist Leader Threatens to Sell Kidnapped Girls!!  It will take a massive campaign to bring the attention of what is taking place in Nigeria & even in many parts of the developing countries and especially when it comes to innocent children and women and their rights, this is  human rights issues now.  I am sorry to say "PRAYER" alone will not solve the problem nor  help!! this is a message for The First Lady   @FLOTUS  where are the world leaders????

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What can world leaders do? Military action?

Political leaders need to act... In this case global leaders  must do something and I would agree in this case they would need to use the military to free the girls in my opinion. I just posted a message and the panda link on [email protected]

My question is, what do we want our political leaders to do?

Send in drones to kill the leaders of this movement?

Spread this message.... join me by spreading this message and in response to Nicholas Kristof  he wrote on his FB status: "Feel helpless as those schoolgirls in Nigeria are abused for dreaming of an education? My column offers a challenge to readers--here's how we can honor those girls. I'm in. Are you? Spread the word, and we'll teach Boko Haram a thing or two"    #BringBackOurGirls HERE is my response Sometimes I get angry, wanting to do something and yet at times I feel helpless also and I keep voicing for global innocent children, girls and women when it comes to their rights in the digital age and for their digital education and at the same time their protection, safety and privacy rights... These children & schoolgirls in Nigeria have been taken away from their parents and taken advantage because of some very twisted people in the name of their "religion" something truly is wrong with these people.. In my opinion I believe they have twisted the faith of Islam ! this is my opinion...the only way to teach these people who call themselves Boko Haram is by KEEP EDUCATING CHILDREN, GIRLS and WOMEN in developing countries and in Africa and not to give up, I am standing for humanity to transform, I believe in this case the governments & politicians globally need to act. I will do want ever I can to spread this message These people have committed a crime, violation & abuse this becomes a #humanrights issue. I am spreading the message  #BringBackOurGirls Please count me in" #BringBackOurGirls  #humanrights  and posted the link Nicholas Kristof


The Pentagon is sending troops to find the girls but not to engage in military action.

Interesting that they'd use the Pentagon for a non-military operation.

Non-military seems like it should use the CIA or drones instead.

#BringBackOurgirls: Questions And More Question Concerning Our Abducted Girls – by Becky Olorunpomi.  "I was not only moved to tears on Thursday, 1st of May, when I saw the march especially of women (and mothers) in their multitudes across the nation, demanding the release of the 234 abducted girls. As a matter of fact, I also signed a petition to President Jonathan at a woman’s conference I attended recently to add to my contributions on the social media with #BringBackOurGirls because it could have been any girl from any religious, ethnicity or social" "background.

Nobel Prize winner Professor Wole Soyinka is the country's foremost writer and social commentator interview states: 

Nigeria: Boko Haram now major threat says Wole Soyinka and Peter Okwoche asked him why the government seems so helpless.