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Some thoughts just do not let me sleep at night.

So, you've learned that the Sun is going to explode⦠â Starts With A Bang

In about 3bln years Sun will become a red giant and the Earth will cease to exist.

What I wonder is the following:

At the time when the sun expansion is near, will the humanity join forces to build the technology powerful enough to leave the Earth and find a new inhabitable planet? Will there be the "climate change" deniers, who will not be happy about the mandatory reallocation of resources necessary to for the humanity to find the new home?

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Or will we continue to waste our resources fighting each other, instead of working together?  so far, fighting each other over the limited resources on earth wins out :(

Earth will cease to be habitable for human life within the next 300-500MM years, and for all life within 1B years.... long before red giant stage.

All the more reason to get off the planet sooner.

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