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Cricket energy bars aim to get more Americans to eat bugs

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But for many, eating bugs is a hard sell.  That's why Crowley came up with an innovative cricket flour. 


"We make this flour to address the psychological reasons so people don't have to actually see the insect when they bite into a bar."


If you still can't imagine yourself eating insects, Hamilton has some unsettling news. "I want to tell you a secret, we eat bugs every day. We eat bugs because we have bugs that are milled into our flour that the Food and Drug Administration can't control. Cinnamon, chocolate, those are full of bugs. Any kind of cereal or cereal grain, there is definitely a bug or two in there. Or at least a piece of one."


Here in the United States we don't really need to eat bugs right now but it's looking like if we want to move successfully into the future it's something that we should start considering


insects are extremely low in fat and packed with protein, as Crowley points out when describing the cricket flour he uses in his energy bars. "On the nutritional panel it's on a par with whey protein. So it's 60 percent protein, 21 grams per 35 gram serving."

Don't some cultures consider crickets good luck?

Yes!  askville by amazon:

Answer from Rio24

Legend has it that a cricket in the house will bring good fortune to the home when placed on the hearth or mantel. Charles Dickens wrote about the hearth cricket and said "to find a cricket on the hearth was the luckiest thing of all" in his book called "The Cricket On the Hearth." 

So ... why not eat insects?

Well, there are two ways to look at this:

Crickets are good luck, so eating them is good luck.

Crickets are bad luck, so killing them is bad luck.

Not sure which.

not sure meme

I'll have to go with "you are what you eat" :)

Have you tried them, Matthew?