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Arya Direwolf Nymeria has been missing since season 1.

arya direwolf nymeria Imgur season 1 Game of Thrones memeyouve got to go theyll kill you for what you did to joffrey 4 Seasons gone by and still waiting on this reunion

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4 Seasons gone by and still waiting on this reunion...

S04E05 4 Seasons gone by and still waiting on this reunion gameofthrones

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The significance of Nymeria for Arya's storyline:

More theories on Nymeria -- warning, it has spoilers:

And from Quora:

Nymeria has already had a cameo this season — watching Robb and Catelyn's caravan moving through the Riverlands on the way to Riverrun. Nymeria becomes a pack leader of a huge group of wolves in the Riverlands and ends up menacing the people there, many of them the Starks' enemies. Arya still shares a connection to her wolf through dreams and sleep-warging. Her development sort of parallels Arya's — becoming independent and a killer.

Nymeria (Arya's direwolf) now leads a pack of wolves around the Gods Eye that has no fear of men. Arya, not unlike Bran, has wolf dreams where she leads the great pack in the forests. Not sure whether she'll make a comeback to the show though.

Also from Quora:

Direwolves have their souls linked with their owners. Thats why the stark kids can walk into their wolves' body and look at the world from their point of view. The dire wolf in a way represent the souls of each stark kid. So when Ned Stark kills Sansa's direwolf 'LADY', it signifies the death of soul of sansa. It represent the death of determination of her. The execution ordered by lady lannister is she showing her dominance over sansa and hence completely owning her soul. Sansa on the other hand loses her determination. She is 'kind of' free to roam around in the kingdom. She has means to kill 'joffery'. She even gets chance to do so. But she cant. The wolf in her has died. She can not muster the courage. Other direwolves fare in same way.

  • Arya's wolf 'NYMERIA' has become wild in the same way she has become one. Both survive in whatever way they could. Eating and attacking whatever and whoever they find.
  • Rickon's wolf 'SHAGGYDOG' is as unruly as him. Rickon is undisciplined and so is his wolf. Both of them are so unpredictable.
  • Robb's wolf is a warrior like him. and their fate are interwoven to say the least
  • Bran's wolf understands his master. and so bran can easily go into his wolf. he is a cripple and he roams the world through the paws of his wolf. His wolf completed him
  • Jon Snow's 'GHOST' is so white and so silent that he his invisible. which is so like jon himself. Being the illegitimate child he is not a true stark and hence he is invisible in the eyes of others. No one gives him the respect he deserves and so he becomes invisible in their eyes