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New York Times, leave Lolo Jones alone!

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Jere Longman of NYT ripped Lolo Jones apart this morning.

Tony Manfred responds on Business Insider:

It's not Lolo Jones' fault that she's an interesting and complicated person.

She had a rough childhood, and she's competing in the Olympics.

I agree: Don't be a hater, New York Times!


The nude photo and Outside mag covers are innocuous. It wasn't playboy, it was ESPN. Great article standing up for Lolo. She's the funniest athlete to follow on twitter.

I hadn't seen her Twitter till you mentioned it:



Do you think all hurdlers take photos of themselves jumping over things?

Yes. Yes they do!

Lolo responds to the haters by qualifying for the 100 meter hurdles semifinals:



I watched Lolo Jones in the semifinal heat for 100m hurdles right now.

She was AWESOME. And fourth place in the world!

Plus she tweets with Rashida Jones.

Athletic. Elegant.


1. Sally Pearson. 2. Dawn Harper. 3. Kellie Wells. 4. Lolo Jones.


Pretty much the ideal teammate. She's a star! And she's come back from back surgery -- this year! Lolo Wayne...

She came back from surgery to finish fourth in the whole world.

Even McKayla Maroney is impressed.

So please, haters, stop hating Lolo!!

No one remembes or cares who the critics are. That's why they are critics; their voice is already lost in the shuffle for the gratification of the sound of their own voice..

As michaelangelo said, criticize by creating.

I like that. Criticize by creating.

I'm putting this in my creativity stash.

Lolo Jones will likely end her Olympic career without winning a medal after she finished fourth in the 100-meter hurdles behind two of her own teammates.

Here's what she told Bill Plaschke of the LA Times:

"I guess all the people who were talking about me, they can have their night and laugh about me.... I'm really disappointed in myself, and I felt like I let a lot of people down. I just feel like a big disappointment."

We the fans support you Lolo!!

Read more.

Trick question, which gender of movie or TV stars are more famous for their looks? I mean, Ryan Seacrest is on TV just for his ability, right? And David beckham is famous just for being a soccer player, right? Humans are fascinated with great-looking people with charm or charisma. Being good-looking doesn't prohibit someone from being talented in any given discipline. This is nothing new, but the conversation is hilarious. Journalists love being and creating controversy; this isn't surprising that we'd find ONE journo at a major publication to say something critical and controversial. Media exist to create tension, not to relieve it.

Well said, sir.

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