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Mary Lou Lord and Semisonic - Sugar Sugar

Watch for Drew Barrymore in this video, too.

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Semisonic is known for its 1990s hit Closing Time.

Interesting newer take (2006) on a nostalgic song.  I had forgot about that sheepdog in the Archie's, he's cute, name is: Hot Dog, and he belongs to Jughead.

Is that right? Now I want to go back and watch the original:

Is it me or does this have a Josie and the Pussycats vibe?

Yes it does, but I think it's just the time, they have more in common with each other, than things from later times.

True, it kind of reminds me of the Jackson 5 cartoon, the Banana Splits, and the Partridge Family too.

I also like the Mary Lou Lord song, Lights Are Changing. 

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