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Data Mining Tools: Perl, Matlab, SAS, Pig, Impala, Shark, Clojure, Scalding, Elasticsearch, Spark MLlib, Graphlab, Shogun and Weka

Data Science LA â Data Science Toolbox Survey

  1. data munging (“explore”, “clean” and “transform” above) – both exploratory data analysis (EDA) and operational ETL,

  2. visualization – both exploratory and presentational,

  3. machine learning/modeling.

We started with tools that I (Szilard) thought must be the most popular, but we also asked what other tools people are using, so we don’t miss any hidden gems.

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"R" was top of every list. I have to wonder if it was the "correct" tool for the job or if it's just the "popular" tool of the moment?

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