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All the Drug References in Hip Hop, visualized

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The website also lists which rappers mention which drugs the most.

Reddit comments:

I think I can understand Questlove's purported defensive posture... 

First of all, hip hop DOES NOT EQUAL COMMERCIAL RAP.  it's like rectangles and squares.  so the url is misnamed and does damage to the actual genre via any associations that will come of this.

Second, ALL of this is taken out of context.  What if you did a similar RAW analysis of DEA proceedings or certain sector of law transcripts or whatnot?  You would have the same kinds of graphs but it would be considered 'boring' or the norm.  It's this context of rap music which has never seen datavis that makes it 'exciting' but with really fucked up consequences as it gets traction around the web and world.  What people will forget while fueling their intrigue, surprise, prejudices, and judgments, and not realize with any kind of compassion is THE NATURE OF THE WORLD OF THE RAPPERS THEMSELVES, the communities they come from, the socio-economic circumstances that have BRED these utterances (and perceived reflections of lifestyle) to be so commonplace.  

Third, what IS interesting is seeing how around 1993, things change and uptick.  

Fourth, charts like this have a funny effect on making you think so much is happening but the actual raw percentages of each group are in the thousandths of a %!  a rough add means all drug references total just 0.4% of total word usage!  And THAT should be compared as well to other finite sets of language/vernacular/colloquial... 

BUT, still pretty funny/eye opening as well.

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