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Watch This Octopus Unscrew The Lid Of A Jar (From Inside The Jar)

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Holy smokes. Not sure whether to be impressed or afraid.


Why Octopuses Should Run Our National Security Infrastructure

io9: Why is the octopus a good model for national security?

Rafe Sagarin: we've been insulated from the daily struggle to survive that imparts adaptability onto an organism. I'm not talking about making a direct translation from nature to society. Every translation from science to policy goes through filters - ethical and political ones. There is a lot of death and dismemberment in nature that we want to avoid if we're developing similar adaptable systems!

The octopus has so many natural adaptations all in one package. It has adaptable features that are almost automatic and distributed and just happen - like the way its skin cells respond to the environment to create camouflage. It's remarkably like us, too. It has a cognitive thoughtful side that allows it to plan and be strategic about things. We as a species and society have the ability to use both those sides of adaptability - distributed quick response through independent agents [like the octopus' skin cells] and the ability that we overuse to centralize and plan and develop strategy. What I'm suggesting is that we need to push more toward the decentralized adaptability that we've lost touch with. We shouldn't be like cells, but we can use that distributed ability for many humans to come up with many observations and solutions to problems in the world. One way we can activate that is to switch from small groups of experts giving orders, to identifying critical challenges and asking everyone to help solve.

We want take in the best lessons from most adaptable organisms.

Why Octopuses Should Run Our National Security Infrastructure

(And look how cute ....)


Ha! Adorable, Geege.

Thanks for the fix!  "YouTube," said in the manner of Seinfeld saying "Newman."

You're welcome. That original video is pretty neat but I like the new one I put atop this page too. 

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