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Glenn Greenwald: how the NSA tampers with US-made internet routers #NSA #Snowden #Greenwald

Glenn Greenwald: how the NSA tampers with US-made internet routersThe NSA has been covertly implanting interception tools in US servers heading overseas – even though the US government has warned against using Chinese technology for the same reasons, says Glenn Greenwald, in an extract from his new book about the Snowden affair, No Place to Hide


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Basically, if you use the Internet you WILL be watched.

TONIGHT: Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald discusses his latest book, "No Place to Hide." Tune in on Comedy Central, 11:30/10:30c. 


Tim Russert was revered inside the Beltway. When the former "Meet the Press" host died suddenly in 2008, there was no shortage of tributes from his fellow Washingtonians.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) hailed Russert as the "pre-eminent journalist of his generation" and then-Sen. Barack Obama asserted that there "wasn't a better interviewer in television."

Russert's star-studded funeral at the Kennedy Center figured prominently in Mark Leibovich's best-selling book, "This Town." Throughout the book, Leibovich referred to Russert with a nickname befitting of his social stature in Washington: "The Mayor."

It's safe to say Glenn Greenwald doesn't share This Town's affection for The Mayor.

In an interview with GQ published Monday, Greenwald, whose book on the Edward Snowden revelations will be released this week, had some tough words for Russert and the rest of the Sunday morning talk show crew.

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