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The Most Popular Drugs In Hip-Hop Lyrics And The Top Rappers Talking About Them

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I guess this is hot shit now, datavis-ing rap/hip hop and creating more links between drugs and rap/hip hop (and not just black folks, bigups to the white boys in the house)

Should cross reference this to time, since BasedGod and the like are fairly recent.

Also the generic words can only be definitively determined by context.

Those are all good points.

It is an eye opening site:

AH that's kind of what i was looking for.  Yeah, look at "molly"...

This one more clearly communicates just how intertwined/permeating commercial interests are in rap music in particular... like how kids will spend money for the varsity jackets with brand patches all over... when the original way was to be so dope that companies wanted to pay you to wear their patch.  But that phenomenon/causal relationship is certainly back and forth now, with social media.

Yes, it's a self-reinforcing feedback loop, with songs and social media as accelerators.

And sad that kids consider Molly safe.

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