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The 7 secrets to getting more leisure time, according to science - The Week

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3) Make things automatic

Things that are habitual don't tax your willpower. The more activities you make into habits, the less overwhelmed they will make you feel.

Build routines and habits so that you're not deciding, you're just doing.

The secret to getting more done is to make things automatic. Decisions exhaust you. As Harvard Business Review put it, "The counterintuitive secret to getting things done is to make them more automatic, so they require less energy."

More on how to build great habits here.

4) Work like an athlete

We were not designed to go 24/7. We were designed to sprint, rest, sprint — just like an athlete.

You sleep in cycles and your mind naturally works in cycles. Alternate hard work with breaks to be at your best.

We ignore the signs of fatigue, boredom, and distraction and just power through. But we're hardly doing our best work. "We've lost touch with the value of rest, renewal, recovery, quiet time, and downtime," Schwartztold me. It's hardly a wonder, then, with the pressure of long hours, putting in face time, and the constant interruptions of the modern workplace, less than 10 percent of workers say they do their best thinking at work. [Overwhelmed: Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time]

More on working like an athlete here.

2) Prioritize or die

Repeat after me: You cannot get it all done. And some things are more important than others.

So you need to prioritize or you will have a clean garage but get fired from your job.

Decide what is important and do that first. Otherwise you may never get to what really matters.

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