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How I Turned My Miserable Life Around | NLP Discoveries

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How did I stay attached to misery?• I ignored all the red flags and married the wrong person.• I ignored significant doubts about my religion and pretended to believe.• I denied that my childhood had any impact upon me.• I yearned for the approval of people who would never approve of me.• I remained absolutely committed to things that made me unhappy.• I put up a façade that suggested I didn’t have any problems.That did the trick. That’s how I remained attached to a life I hated. That’s how I kept my misery alive and well

"Here is the shocking truth: Subconsciously, you resist genuinely improving your life, because that means you’d have to give up your problems. Your problems are so familiar that you don’t know who or what you’d be without them. Since you don’t know what it’s like to live a truly fulfilling life, you cling to misery as if it were your best friend. Giving up the angst – letting go – is terrifying. And it does not even seem possible."

Punch. In. Your. Face!

Life is about letting go.

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