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Golden State Warriors' Steve Kerr is tough enough for NBA coaching

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Steve Kerr, new coach of the Golden State Warriors, is proof that you should never judge someone by how they look on the outside. He seems like the archetypal white spot-up jump shooter who can't dunk. But he's also the Lebanese-born Arabic-speaking son and grandson of academics -- one of whom, his father Malcolm, was assassinated by Hezbollah while serving as head of the American University of Beirut. And he survived fistfights and screaming matches with Michael Jordan en route to 3 rings with the Bulls and 2 with the Spurs. In terms of persistence, toughness, and diversity of background Steve Kerr is the equal of any player in the league.

And he can tell an all-time classic story like this one, about Toni Kukoc's pre-game ritual:

Remember that Kukoc is the childhood hero of Warriors center Andrew Bogut.

Wow, I TOTALLY did not get Steve Kerr at all.

Thank you for these articles. I gotta watch this Toni Kukoc story again:

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