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Marion Cotillard photo gallery

marion cotillard hot tight dress heels Imgur

Reddit comment about her shoes: "They are Maillot 160mm in taupe by Christian Louboutin. They run about 1.2k, but you could get a good deal if you get lucky. It will be very hard to find authentic ones, these are from the 2012 winter/fall collection I believe. You can find food good replicas for about 150 online. Good replicas will look about 95% the same and you need a trained eye to really spot the differences."

Cropped version of this photo that de-emphasizes the shoes:

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Marion Cotillard is a French actress, singer and songwriter. She is also an environmentalist and spokesperson for Greenpeace. (more on Wikipedia)

Photos are from Reddit and Imgur.

marion cotillard hot lip bite gif Imgur

Marion Cotillard hot strapless top Imgur

marion cotillard hot legs short skirt Imgur

Ellen Page Marion Cotillard hot Inception premiere Imgur

Marion Cotillard hot heels short skirt Imgur

Marion Cotillard hot dark knight returns Imgur

Actually, one of the photos above is rotated:

Marion Cotillard hot strapless top tight dress Imgur

Marion Cotillard hot tight dress Imgur

Marion Cotillard hot pink tight dress Imgur

Marion Cotillard hot bare feet couch Imgur

Marion Cotillard hot red tight dress Imgur

marion cotillard hot red dress ellen von unwerth Imgur

Marion Cotillard hot in bed tight dress Imgur

Marion Cotillard hot black lace miniskirt Imgur

Marion Cotillard on Craig Ferguson:

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