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One Man's Insane Plan to Make Oculus Rifts for Chickens

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Adam Clark Estes writes:

Problem: Too many chickens don't have room to roam around and be happy. Solution: Strap virtual reality headsets onto said chickens so they think they're free-range. No seriously, an assistant professor at Iowa State University seems to think this is a good idea, but he has to be kidding. Right? RIGHT?!

Austin Stewart recently launched a bewilderingly straight-faced website for a project called Second Livestock, a sort of Second Life for farm animals. It would involve outfitting livestock with special Oculus Rift-like devices so that they can enjoy a virtual world of fun and feigned freedom. There's no need for farmers to provide the physical space required for a true free-range experience, you can just fool them. Stewart's is also giving Ted-like presentations to audiences across the Midwest.

Not sure how I feel about this.

Artist rendition of chicken wearing oculus and what it sees:

One Man s Insane Plan to Make Oculus Rifts for Chickens

One Man s Insane Plan to Make Oculus Rifts for Chickens

It's like in the Matrix!

Adam Clark Estes says:

"I can't wait to eat virtual-free-range chicken"

booblegdvd says:

"If the end-goal is happier chickens, then rather than showing an open field through the oculus rift, might I humbly suggest that they display chicken porn instead?"

Many more good ones ;)

Haha, the phrase "virtual free range chicken" almost makes sense.

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